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Diligence - Skills - Consistency - Performance Under Pressure - Experience - Dedication


A professional photographer is going to be a master of their domain. Just like you did in school… practice, practice, practice. There is nothing more important than experience in this business. Having a professional attitude, knowing how to corral the rowdy groomsmen, wow the moms, please the bride and groom and get some kick ass photos while you’re doing it is what this job is all about. A true professional will indulge themselves in new styles, attend seminars and training programs to hone in their skills.


Just food for thoughts on this topic. While some of this is tongue in cheek it’s really not a laughing matter. Do yourself a favor and go find a professional photographer. You’re on your own for finding super cool in-laws Like Uncle BoB


Nedori Photography

Sports & Senior


Don Ashton

Photographer / Director 

"You Too Can Get The Picture"


For All Your Photographic Needs

Picture This Photography

Neal Richardson
Cherly McCain
Kevin Craig Jr

C.L. McCain Photography

Artist & Graphic Design

D&A  Platinum Design

Graphic Design


Picture This Photography

"You Too Can Get The Picture"

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NEDORI Photography Studio

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