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Wedding Services

We take a team approach to capturing your wedding memories. We blend wedding photojournalism

and a documentary-style by combining the talents of our wedding Photographers / Videographers

with our talented staff of graphic artists to artistically deliver the moments that make your story unforgettable.


Schedule a complimentary consultation to come in and see our albums and work to get a custom quote.


We can create your own Wedding reality show with your own wed site with streaming video of the entire wedding process from start to finish. From picking out your dress, the ring, to the interviews of family members and close friends. Your wedding will be like no other.


Providing Professional Photographers & Videoographers to capture every aspect of your special day.

The Groom will wear lapel mike to capture those moments both intamate and possible funny comments

crystal clear for all to hear when viewing your wedding video.

Once in a Lifetime Wedding


5 - Hardcover Wedding books

3 - 16x20 Canvas Portraits mounted

4 - 13x19 Portrait Prints

1 - 20 page 5x7 Bridal Album

2 - 20 page 4x6 Parent album

3 - Master DVD of Wedding & Reception

2 - Custom Edited Story Book DVD

1 - 11x14 Singnature Portrait for reception display

100 - Custom Thank you cards

Up to 60 Guess T-Shirts

Own web site to show case your Video's & Photographs

(4) Photograhers & (4) Videographers 



My Big Fat Sweet Wedding


2 - Hardcover Wedding album

2 - 16x20 Canvas Portraits

4 - 13x19 Portrait Prints

1 - 20 page 5x7 Bridal Album

1 - 20 page 4x6 Parent Album

2 - Custom Edited Story Book DVD or Jump drive

1 - 11x14 Signature Portrait for reception display

50 - Custon Thank you cards

Up to 30 Guess T-Shirts

(4) Photographers & (2) Videographers



Paparazzi Wedding


1 - Hardcover Wedding Album

1- 16x20 Canvas Portrait

3 - 13x19 Portrait Prints

4 - 8x10 Portrait Prints

2 - 20 page Parent Album

1 - Custom Edited Story Book DVD

Up to 10 Guess T-Shirts

(2) Photographer (1) Videographer 

Wedding & Reception



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